Before you leave
Please take the time to look around
Look at the walls and the floors
Look at the time;
the hour and minute hands
Please, please look at me.
I want you to remember
The keys on the kitchen table, a dull bunch of four
The whistling of the kettle, smoke out its scratched pewter spout
The crease in my yellow dress, the creak of the front door.
The way the window opened but never closed
Unless you lifted it half an inch above the pane
The bright blue curtains you hated but never changed
Me and my fanciful, and you, you and your sensible plain.
I want you to take this box, hold it
And carry it with you on whichever your way
Fill it with wings, pebbles and feathers
Fill it with the memories you make each day.
Love, like you never have loved
And always carry on your lips a smile
Know my heart will always be with yours
Every step of every precious mile