Her arms, like wings were open always
Full of hugs, her lips kisses
Her slitted eyes squinted more if that were possible
As she moved to best give us our wishes

Freckles, like black stars ran across her brown skin
An oddity for a woman born Black
The spots I traced with grimy little fingers
Wondering if they could be peeled back

From her mouth came laughs, like roaring thunder
As the rest of her body shook in adipose waves
The same mouth would twist in agony
As she would oft witness old friends sent early to their graves

She put food in our mouths
We didn’t own a table
She sewed the clothes on our backs
To buy from stores, she wasn’t able

He made thousands, and she pennies
From vegetable stands, she made her money
He an executive suit, you never could have known
That they two, lived in wedded matrimony

When she heard there was another her
And that he’d bought her a brand new house
She tossed her hair, laughed and said
She might be the other, but I’ll always be the spouse

And so from her stand, she fed and raised us
When from his pockets, he spent on her
And when they asked why she wasn’t upset, angry, desolate
She would answer with a humoured har-har

And then he fell ill
Man once flesh reduced to brittle bone
And so she took him in and nursed him
Brought him back to health all on her own

Twasn’t long till he slipped back
Went to his old ways
But she only sighed and shook her head
She seemed much quieter these days

As the time it passed
Quiet turned to slow, and slow turned to bed ridden
We asked what was wrong
But whatever it was, she kept well hidden

She smiled less, she tried to though
Then the cold came along, and with it she went quick
Lost and confused, we circled ourselves
One day she was here, and the next she was too sick

I smile when I think of her
Her freckles, arms and laugh
She was many things
And woman, was she tough

She taught me many things
And one thing will always be
I loved Mamma Mike
And Mamma Mike loved me