What a day, what a year, what a time to be alive
Through my teeth I’d be lying
I’d lie if i didn’t admit
My ears are ringing, my heart is pounding, it’s like a happy dying

I look around and my eyes they see
All this glorious mess we’ve made
Their eyes, oh they can’t believe
As we hold in embrace all they forbade

Twisted and turnt, soft like wool
Hair to be worn like a crown
Brazen and burnt, embraced by the sun
Skin, its own shade of brown

With medals of gold, and crowns all ajewel
We march with fists upraised
On no one’s permission, we taught us ourselves
We are loved, revered and praised

Knowledge abundant, wisdom and grace
From the books read to us by our mothers
Talent unerred, the things that we learned
From our sisters, our fathers and brothers

What a day, what a year, what a time to be alive
We’re a story long untold
We are the Epiphany,
We are here, we always were, and our truths we will now hold