Sorry about my face, I didn’t have time to put some make-up on

Stop. Breathe. Count to ten.
Cliché and overused isn’t it?
But it works now as it had worked then
As I tell my unusual ego “get over yourself”

Sorry about my nails, I haven’t had a proper manicure in ages

What? Girl no!
You owe them no explanation
But it’s too late and so
The words flow out without reservation

Sorry about my hair, I just got my weave taken out

Are you kidding me?
For what are you apologizing?
Is it who you naturally be?
Or is it years of institutionalised self-loathing?

………What you looking at?

My nails get chipped, my face has moisture
My hair is kinky and curly
And that’s mother nature
Cheers to those who doll up
Cheers to those that don’t
We will walk without fear
Because we are free
Because we can say
“I am unapologetically me”

– Chiseche