“My, what big claws you’ve grown”
All the better to rip you open with 

You regard me like I am some stranger
Something foreign, alien, un-comely
But out of curiosity you still linger
Maybe you’re not curious
You’re just lonely

“You’ve changed”, says you
“You’ve become cold, aloof”
“It’s like you’re someone new”

Did you expect me to remain the same?
Did you want me to smile and nod?
Do you think it was just a game?
Do you really believe what you’re told?

When piece by piece you and yours ate my soul
Left exposed, I was as good as naked
I never thought I could be again whole
A pitiful thing, ugly, below wretched

Seasons turned, witches burned
From their ashes, I returned
Weak at first, then I grew stronger
Blistered tears I would shed no longer

A new self was born
And you look at it with regret
Why so forlorn?
Take a look at what you helped create

Although my face could not be more beautiful
This once innocent soul has grown so powerful
My foes smiled while they made my life a wreck
Now I wear their pretty little teeth around my neck