Dear God,
It’s me. I know You haven’t heard from me in a while…but, really, with all that’s been going on around here neither of us should be surprised. So, I am writing to ask: what’s the plan?
When You had the blueprints of this planet made, did You actually intend for all of this stuff to happen? Was it part of the plan that men, women and children would live in constant fear of their homes being burned to the ground simply because their ideas were different? You’re the dude that gave us free will, so why is it that You allowed other people’s Will to be greater, more powerful, so much that others lived in fear of them.
Was it part of the plan that women would not feel safe to walk their own streets because someone would reach at them, leading into a whole spiral of something that would be treated as nothing by everybody else until it was time to blame the woman?
Really, was it part of the plan that children, innocent children would be victims, targets of sick-minded people who would do disgusting, despicable things, tarnishing these young souls before they can even get a chance to live?
Was it part of the plan, that some would live in luxury, and have more that they could possibly do with while others lived in utter poverty, going to bed not knowing whether they would wake up the following morning because it was too cold and they had no shirts on their backs, they were far beyond hungry because the last time they had a meal was the scraps they got over a week ago and yet they keep emptying already empty bowels because of a virus they got which is incurable.
We could go on for days listing just how many glitches this blueprint of Yours had. I will ask again, was this really the plan all along? Did you have it tucked somewhere in the Ts&Cs way at the bottom of the page, in fine print for all of us to see if we bothered to look?
Really God, what’s the plan?