Did you hear about the one
Where they tried to tell the dead man’s tale?
To the streets they took, highway, sidewalk and stoop
But alas
There came those that dragged them off to jail

Or about the one
The one where in that nation of the rainbow
Brothers rose in arms of sheer brutality
With match and flame and blind solidarity
Ending and offing those of the wrong nationality

Do you remember that one?
Yes! That very one
In a place of higher learning in a far off town
An army so small but with the resolve of a legion
Took innocent lives for being of another religion

Bang! Bang! Boom!
This is the anthem of the world
You can quiver in fear
But its the truth and needs to be told

Brother’s keeper? Ha! Try another one
Racism, Tribalism, Terrorism, it’s a world full of -isms
We long sold our souls
What’s done been done

We have monsters among us
Don’t look too far
As you gaze into the looking glass
There they are

Scary the world we live in
Frightening the things we do
But as long as it’s a case of them or you
As long as you’re not together
These horror stories will keep on ringing true