Funny, isn’t it? The concept of a title
Mother, brother, lover, friend
The sense of security it makes us feel
Like a warmth that will never end

We revel in the title, we bask in it
And the more we’re given, the better we feel
But have you ever stopped to think, even just once
Is any of it even real?

If I’m being honestly fair
Human connection has always been there
We all mean something to somebody
And that’s the truth anywhere

However, however, what about you?
What do you mean to yourself?
Do you understand yourself?
Or are you defined by the titles on the shelf?

Take a look in the mirror and what do you see?
I’m not talking about your face, your body or your fancy degree
Take it all off, unlearn what they taught
Look to your you, it sounds a bit cliché I agree

But really, who are you?