His eyes are wide as they regard her
Outside the store, she gives the usual rules
Don’t touch anything, don’t look em in the eye
Be with me at all times, and for heaven’s sake tie up your shoes!

He smiles and nods
He just can’t wait to go in
The guard at the door looks so silly in that hat
So Junior covers his mouth to hide his grin

The supermarket! This is what heaven must look like
The food, the toys, the trolleys, the joys
This way! says she, as she takes him by the hand
They walk to the back, away from all the noise

Back’s the bakery
Oh it smells so sweet
There’s a man behind the counter, his uncle, her brother
He’s the one she came to meet

Dark eyes curious
He starts to look around
Just there, a mountain
Some jars golden, others honey brown

There’s a bee on the stickers
It must be quite a treat
Little hands reach out
Why did he try such a feat

Little fingers now sweet and sticky
She’s talking loudly, boy is she cross!
Another man is coming there now
Oh dear! It must be the boss