They weren’t wrapped when she got them
But they were a gift no less, and the best she would ever get
Bright yellow like the sun, though Ma had called them gold
They would be special though, she just didn’t know yet
Scuffed at the edges, well loved and well worn
Orange threaded the left one
Where they once had been torn
For under a dollar
They were quite the steal
And boy did they walk her through
When life got too real

When the lights went out and rent was late
When she missed work, when there was hell to pay
When he ended it with a text, said it was just fate
Those yellow shoes walked her through
When Ma died with a smile on her face
When she drank herself to a poignant stupor
When she had all and fallen from grace
Those yellow shoes walked her through

They saw her joys, they saw her tears
Or rather,
They walked her away from her biggest fears
Months turned to years and soles turned to holes
Days came and went, some real and some not
She opened the door, calling in the breeze
She smiled at the sky, she took in the trees
Taking one step out, feet clad in shiny blue
The yellow shoes hung on the hook now
It was time for something new.