On Palma Street the bells are ringing
Shoes clack along the cobbled pavement
The children run, skip, oh! Do they ever walk?
The Abuelos and Abuelas smile, ever so patient
But the joy they feel, their hearts are singing

Their best clothes are out
The smiles are wide
Even shy Jacobo came out today
All the day’s work has been tossed aside
They’ve all come to see what it is all about

1969! What a time
El coches nuevos zoom up and down
Honking away as they cheer
They’re bringing the most beautiful girl in town
Today, she’s so beautiful it could almost be a crime

Juanita’s getting married. Juanita? Juanita
Yes! Juanita with the nose and the buck-teeth
Wasn’t she the one with the red espinillas?
The one who nobody went with?
I do remember…but beautiful? Juanita?

The bells they chime yet again
Pure and light, like laughter
The little girls have flowers in their hair, que lindo
The people push forward, it’s hard to see anything after
But it was a perfect day, maybe later it’ll rain

The people celebrate, they are quite gay
Juanita’s getting married, Juanita just got wed
Who would have ever thought? They muse
Now they get back to their business, others head to bed
It was lovely, it was a good day