Amidst fields of sky so blue they couldn’t be anymore
With a crown of sun in my hair curled so tight it had a life of its own
My shoulders strong like the bark of the trees which had seen my fathers and theirs before
In my mind a seed that only had newly been sown

Broken and bled, my sky ripped from me
In its place a concrete shadow, big, bold and domineering
In the distance, a flicker of light, it was all I made myself to see
Shackled and torn, I awaited my reckoning

In a light so warm, and yet so blinding
In a land of perfection, and beauty reborn
I basked in it, all these beings so outstanding. But alas!
They looked not like me, oh my shackles I had still worn

Barefaced and blistered
My head shaven and shorn
Yet I smiled…for I was at last unfettered
And the seed in my mind was grown